ACG Aviation

ACG Aviation is a start-up created in June 2014 whose strategy is based on the development and improvement of the Thermoreactor™ (several patents pending) and its multiple applications. The concept of this first generation Thermoreactor™ is based on constant volume combustion and has already been validated experimentally in March 2014 through a consortium including Turbomeca (world leader for helicopter gas turbines) and a major CNRS (P Prime / Poitiers) laboratory. The project has also received financial support from the French Ministry of Defense (DGA) to the tune of 1.5 million euros (program RAPID).
This breakthrough thruster ensures a 2-digit fuel saving (18%), a smaller footprint and a higher power density that would be much higher than that of the current generation of jet engines. Finally, the simplicity of operation would guarantee reliability and therefore requires minimal maintenance and repair.
ACG Aviation targets companies and laboratories with a high technical and scientific level of expertise, for both the testing and certification of the third generation of the Thermoreactor™. The applications of this "high performance kinetic energy generator" could be applied in aeronautics, space, land and sea, with an initial application in the field of energy generation such as cogeneration.