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Xplorair is also supported (2013/2014) by Altran Technologies and Sogeti High Tech who develop the aerostructure and the avionics of the aircraft, now called the Xplorair PX200 (Personal Xplorair 200 km/h). Since the previous studies, aerodynamics evolved again with an upward V-tail and the use of the Coandă effect onto the upper surface of rear biplane tiltwings. During take-off or landing, these rear tiltwings rotate 90° and the leading edge of the lower rear wing connects to the trailing edge of the front wing, directly onto jet nozzles. The exhaust gas follows the curved surface due to the Coandă effect, and the slipstream is diverted downcast, providing powered lift for VTOL operation.

Xplorair Aerostructure by Sogeti Hight Tech : and




The story of Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL)